The aim of  Strong Signal IT is to provide quality computer support, maintenance and repair services for small business computer systems in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

The emphasis is on providing low-cost, yet stable, Linux / open-source solutions, while also taking care of Windows based platforms.

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For IT problems requiring fast attention, we can almost always provide same day service.

Strong Signal IT can assist in preventing this scenario,

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And help maintain a comfortable, relaxed computing environment for work and home.

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More than ever, we rely on IT equipment to help us stay connected, and keep in touch with our families and friends. From ensuring the maintenance of a wireless connection with a strong signal, to managing your mobile devices, Strong Signal IT can assist you.

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Nowadays, computers have become an important, everyday feature of our life, just like the motor vehicle. But what most people don’t realize is that, in exactly the same way as a car needs to be regularly serviced and maintained, computers need regular attention, too. Computer systems, whether a single home PC, or a complex  business network, are not a ‘set and forget’ proposition. Regular maintenance is vitally important.

Let the expertise of Strong Signal IT provide you with the right solutions for your particular needs.