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1.  Terms and Conditions.
2.  Acknowledgements.
3.  Privacy Policy.

1.  Terms and Conditions.
1.1  Payment for goods and services must be made by cash or Electronic Fund Transfer on, or prior to, the supply of the goods or the performance of the services by Strong Signal IT, unless a prior agreement has been made.
1.2  The customer must provide Strong Signal IT with: 1. safe access to the areas of the premises necessary to provide services; 2. any passwords to the customer’s computer; 3. a safe working environment and working space; 4. electrical power and internet access (where applicable).
1.3  The customer understands and agrees that it is the responsibility of the customer to back-up the data, software, information or other files stored on the customer’s computer disks and/or drives, prior to Strong Signal IT performing diagnostic repair on the customer’s computer. Strong Signal IT may back up the customer’s data at the customer’s request, if their system has the necessary components to do so on-site, with their own equipment, or by other means at Strong Signal IT’s repair base. However, the customer acknowledges and agrees that Strong Signal IT shall not be responsible under any circumstance for any loss or corruption of data and/or software, nor for any loss of revenue or income resulting from such loss. The customer also understands that during the course of service, data can become corrupt and unusable, and in such an event, the customer  will not hold Strong Signal IT responsible.
1.4  Where a complete “format” of a hard drive is required, the customer is aware that all data will be removed from that hard drive, including personal files, application software, device drivers, etc. It is up to the customer to supply Strong Signal IT with the appropriately licensed installation media and their associated product keys (Linux distributions excepted) for the required operating systems and software to be re-installed. If these cannot be supplied, the customer will need to purchase these. Under no circumstances will Strong Signal IT install unlicensed software.
1.5   Strong Signal IT will ensure to the best of its ability that any software it supplies to the client is fully licensed. However, Strong Signal IT cannot be held responsible for any licensing, patent or copyright issues which may occur in the future. No warranty is supplied by Strong Signal IT with included software.
1.6  Any hardware supplied and installed by Strong Signal IT will be covered by the manufacturers’ warranty. Repair or replacement of these parts will be at no cost to the customer. Some faults may not be possible to repair on-site and may require the faulty equipment to be serviced at  Strong Signal IT’s repair base. The repaired item will then be returned to the customer. If the part is found not to be defective, the defective part was not supplied by Strong Signal IT, the defective part is out of warranty or the defective part was found to be damaged by the user or external causes, a service fee will be charged, including freight costs and the part in question will not be replaced.
1.7  On all computer repairs and services, whether on-site or at the repair base, Strong Signal IT warrants its service for a period of 7 days, but excludes any software issues created and/or caused by the customer and their use of the computer equipment, including instances of virus, spyware, installing/downloading of any subsequent software, and/or alteration of computer settings as set up by Strong Signal IT.  Strong Signal IT will address and repair the problem at no additional charge if the customer  informs Strong Signal IT of a problem resulting from its services within the warranty time-frame, and if deemed, through analysis of the problem, that its service was faulty. The customer acknowledges, however, that a problem which occurs with the computer after Strong Signal IT’s visit may be unrelated to the work performed by Strong Signal IT for the customer, and may therefore be outside the scope of Strong Signal IT’s warranty .
1.8  In certain cases, the resolution of a computer problem may be to upgrade or replace software or hardware. If Strong Signal IT advises the customer to do so and they choose not to upgrade or replace the software or hardware, the customer acknowledges that Strong Signal IT has met their service commitment to the customer by providing the customer with a solution to the problem, whether or not the customer elects to implement that solution, and the standard service fee will apply.
1.9  The customer must give Strong Signal IT at least twenty-four hours notice to cancel any request for on-site service, otherwise a cancellation fee equal to the first hour of service will be charged for the loss and expense caused.
1.10 The customer shall fully indemnify Strong Signal IT for any lose or damage to property or any injury or death to persons by any act, be it negligent, by omission or by wilful misconduct, caused by the customer or agent of the customer or for any breach of the customer’s obligations arising from the above or other included Terms and Conditions.
1.11 It is the customers’ responsibility to create, maintain or change any or all passwords associated with their IT equipment and accounts created with that equipment, whether it be passwords in use on the hardware/software used on the customers’ premises, any BYOD items used by the customer, or any on-line accounts. Strong Signal IT may create initial passwords for the purposes of setting up a network, a piece of equipment or software or on-line account, but is is the customers’ responsibility to change these to appropriate passwords as soon as practicable after the initial setup.

2.  Acknowledgements.
2.1  Image: DVI Abstract by rfranklinaz on “New device connection and configuration” page.
2.3 Image: Chassis-Intenal-Components-799×626 on “Setup/configure PC’s and laptops” page.
2.4 Image: Tux_Linux by c0nstruct0r on “Linux deployment” page.
2.5  Acknowledgment for permission to use the Linux mascot symbol (Tux, the penguin) goes to Larry Lewing and The GIMP.
2.6 Trademarks.
Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
Red Hat is the registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc.
Debian is a trademark of Software In The Public Interest Inc.
Microsoft and Microsoft Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Fedora and the ‘infinity’ design logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc.
open Suse is a registered trademark of Novell.
Linux Mint is copyrighted and trademarked through the Linux Mark Institute.
Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical.

Libreoffice and The Document Foundation are registered trademarks of The Document Foundation.

The Firefox and Thunderbird logos are covered by the tri-license policy.

3. Privacy Policy.
Strong Signal IT has created the following Privacy Policy in order to ensure, to the best of our ability, that you, the customer, are provided with the required safeguards to ensure the protection of your privacy. Due to the nature of the services provided by Strong Signal IT within the scope of Information Technology work, it is necessary at times to have access to private information and sensitive business data. This, however, will only happen with the express consent of the customer, and all handling of that information will be carried out in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Victoria).
3.1  Strong Signal IT  may collect information from and about the customer :

    • directly by telephone, SMS, email, on-line contact forms, regular mail or personally;
    • indirectly by recording and monitoring the customer’s usage of our supplied services and products;
    • indirectly through third parties including, but not limited to, the customer’s representatives, our suppliers and sub-contractors, credit reporting agencies and any legal communications.

3.2  The above information collected may include personal information such as the customer’s name, date of birth, residential and/or work addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, bank account or credit card details, driver’s licence numbers and any business details required by Strong Signal IT to carry out works requested by the customer.
3.3  The above collected information will be used to fulfill the customer’s requests for work, including, but not limited to:

  • prepare an assessment of work to be carried out;
  • track and confirm orders for products and services;
  • deliver and install products and services ordered by the customer;
  • carry out any other business activities relating to the products and services ordered.

The above information will NOT be:

  • disclosed to any third parties without the customer’s express permission, except in compliance with matters of the law;
  • misused for marketing, promotions or advertising.

3.4  If, at any point, the customer requires access to the information about them retained by Strong Signal IT, this information will be disclosed upon receipt of a written request by the customer, or their legal representative, to Strong Signal IT.
3.5  External links found on this web site may direct the customer to various web sites over which Strong Signal IT has no control regarding the information found there, nor the content, and for which it will take no responsibility.  It is the customer’s responsibility to refer those web sites’ respective Privacy Policies.
3.6  The above Strong Signal IT  Privacy Policy may change from time to time as a result of policy reviews. Strong Signal IT reserves the right to make these changes as required and updated versions will be published on this website. The amended policy will be effective from the customer’s next service request, with the superseded policy remaining in place until such time.
3.7  This Strong Signal IT  Privacy Policy was last updated on 16th April, 2018.

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