Virus/malware protection and removal

Some of the more common symptoms of a virus infection include:

  • computer running slow;
  • programs behaving erratically, or suddenly shutting down;
  • computer suddenly shutting down;
  • pop-ups appearing;
  • advertisements you can’t get rid of;
  • files disappearing…

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Unfortunately, virus protection doesn’t simply involve buying or subscribing to virus protection software, installing it, and then forgetting it! Minimizing your vulnerability, and maximizing your recovery if attacked, are achieved by a combination of methods which include:

  • careful selection of an anti-virus program (it’s not necessary to buy one!);
  • optimizing your particular operating system’s features to prevent infection and keeping the security releases on your system up-to-date;
  • avoiding downloading programs from web sites you don’t trust;
  • not executing any programs attached to an email unless you are absolutely certain it is legitimate;
  • proper configuration of both hardware and software firewalls;
  • checking all removable media you connect to your system, whether it be a USB stick or DVD, etc.;
  • ensure you regularly backup your important files and data.

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If your system has been attacked, Strong Signal IT can help you. The methods used will depend on the severity of the infection, and may range from a simple clean up of the computer, to a full re-install of the operating system. Either way, we can assist you to bring your system back into operation, and advise you in ways to prevent further attacks.

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