Business Support

Strong Signal IT  provides IT support for small businesses that are:

  • just starting up, but acutely aware of the importance of IT for the smooth running of their venture, and want to implement a well designed system right from the beginning, OR:

  • at the stage where they have realized that their existing system is inadequate to properly safeguard both their valuable data and their productivity, and understand the importance of upgrading.

Click here to download the ‘Your IT Setup Analysis Guide’.

Strong Signal IT has identified the key areas of importance in the relationship between a small business and the IT support provider. They are:

  • a thorough understanding of the IT needs of every individual business based on attentive communication between the the two, so that a tailor-made solution can be implemented, where the cost will be a realistic reflection of that business’s needs;

  • quality of relationship with the business client, where a small team can provide a personalized service;

  • experience and expertise;

  • convenience and reliability, where prompt response times are recognized as critical, and the services offered can be relied on by the business owner;

  • experience in, and a willingness to deploy a large range of free open-source software  (including Linux Operating Systems) so that small businesses can function without the shackles of restrictive software licences, that can amount to huge sums of money that could be better spent elsewhere in the business. See Linux Options For Business.

Unlike larger corporations that have budgets that allow them to maintain in-house IT Departments, when a major IT problem occurs in the majority of small businesses, they often rely on a ‘computer-savvy’ member of staff, or rush off in a panic to ‘google’ the nearest computer shop to provide the answers. Strong Signal IT offers solutions which can provide a business with a ‘virtual’ IT Department, so that the costs of maintaining and keeping up to date the IT component of the business is minimized, while enjoying the reliability and security of an in-house IT department.

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