Setup/configure PC’s and laptops

IT Support small business Man wrapped in cables.

Most home  and small business computer users don’t have the time, nor the inclination, to spend endless hours setting up and configuring their IT equipment. Avoid the frustration, and the loss of productivity, of incorrect and inaccurate installations and setups.

Strong Signal IT  can assist you with:

  • purchase advise for new equipment;
  • de-cluttering of newly-purchased computer;
  • supply of the latest software and hardware at competitive prices;
  • installation of newly purchased computers and laptops, including peripherals such as monitors, printers, routers, etc;
  • setting up internet/email connections;
  • relocating and setting up equipment at your new premises;
  • custom building a computer to suit your particular needs, whether it be a home office setup, small business network, or the ultimate gaming station you’ve been dreaming of.

IT support Small business Intenal-Components

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