Backup configuration

Data backups are probably one of the more misunderstood and neglected topics in the IT business: a seemingly boring task which many couldn’t be bothered with. Until you suddenly find yourself without all your precious photographs… or all your business data irretrievably lost due to a virus attack, or a disastrous server crash…

IT Support small business dvd & usb stick

Not so long ago, our most valued items were kept in photo albums, CD collections, filing cabinets, etc. Unless there was a fire, they were relatively safe. Now, many of these are stored on hard drives or other such devices, which is very convenient. But, without any backups, all of those items can be lost for ever in one go if your computer or devices fails. And one thing is certain, at some point in time, every piece of technology will fail. So it’s better to be prepared.

Strong Signal IT can provide advice and implement strategies for backups which could prevent losing critical data. From  simple personal backing up of important items on your home computer using a USB stick or an external hard drive, to scheduled system backups to the cloud for your business, a data backup plan is a must.

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